Axolotyls anyone? Anyone?

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Hi ladies/gentleman! My spoiled 16yo daughter (Cambrie) really wants an axolotyls. I found a breeder fairly close but asked him to hold one for me as I was moving... Well he didn't,hold it after saying he would...go figure. So I'm looking for a breeder or someone who knows anything about axos. Hit me up if anyone has any leads. Thank you in advance ;)


Hi! I'm basically obsessed with axolotls. I can't currently keep them, but I'm in a ton of Facebook groups and have done way to much research for someone who doesn't own one.

My recommendation is to join a Facebook group! There's always a lot of buying and selling, and you can choose a specific morph. I personally favor goldens and harlequin coppers. I definitely recommend joining a couple - you can also post information there if you ever need help.
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