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My girl Daenys was displaying difficulty in moving. It was the 2nd day after she had laid her 2nd clutch. She's alert but she rarely moves, and when she did, it almost look as if she was limping (like her arms had no strength in them)
Another thing that concerned me was that after taking a few tiny steps, she immediately lies flattened as if pancaking(even though she was basking under the sun) and would remain in that position unless she really needed to move again. I knew she wasnt trying to absorb heat at this point so I attributed it to malnutrition and calcium deficiency since her fat pads were kinda sunken as well. I immediately fed her with live feeders heavily dusted in calcium as I had been doing. She was only willing to take 3 sago worms and 2 dubias but I made sure she had more without force feeding her.
I soaked her in water with a bit of calcium as well and tried feeding her slurry but she wasnt interested. I only got her to take a few baby spoons of it. I also tried offering a lil bit of hard boiled egg since I thought it might interest her but she didnt want them too.
This morning(the 3rd day) I brought her to the vet and they did an x-ray of her.
Where the intestines were supposed to be seen, they x-rays shows a whole lot of white fuzziness which would seem to indicate fluids or fibrin, at least that's what the doctor said. It was suspected that an egg that had ruptured, causing an infection due to the yolk filling her abdomen and the body identifying it as a harmful substance and fighting it. It had been causing her discomfort which was why she refused to move around. I then remembered just the day before she laid her eggs, she had been restless and kept scratching at the glass of her enclosure. Her enclosure had sliding doors and she had somehow managed to push them open and jumped out from a considerable height! I had been so careless. :cry:
The vet then attempted to draw some fluids from Daenys' body for testing to confirm the cause. They barely got any though. I was curious as I saw no liquid in the needle but they said the liquid in the body has probably hardened due to clotting and assured me they got a lil bit of tissue which would be enough. The doctor said they would call me back in 3 days time and while I wait for the test results, Im to administer antibiotics which would hopefully stop the infection if it hasnt gotten too serious, baytril and multivitamin syrup.
They said if her condition hasnt improve until then, that is, if she still shows no interest in food and remains lethargic, a surgery is needed.
So far, Daenys still showed no interest in her feeders today but I got her to eat some slurry and her meds though it was not without difficulty. She also poop in her bath which I assume it's a good sign for now. Until then, I can only hope for the best outcome. Im not sure if these things happen often but i hope ppl would be aware that there are cases of eggs rupturing in the body so please keep a close eye on your lil spiky friends and make sure their enclosures are safely sealed all the time.

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So sorry to read this. I hope everything turns out alright, best wishes that Daenys will make a full recovery + be back to her old self. Don't be hard on yourself, her jumping did not necessarily cause an eg to burst, if that was the case they yolk almost certainly would have been expelled while she laid the good eggs. They can burst whether the dragon is active + jumping or just behaving normally. Still, it may be that a fall from such a height could have been the culprit though. How high was it ?

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Hello Sakai,

Poor Daenys! I am sorry to hear her issues of egg rupturing. After seeing the x-rays, that is
what it looks like to me as well, that an egg ruptured. Hopefully you got to it in time before her
system had too much infection going on.
If her appetite picks up I would take that as a great sign. She was probably sore in her tummy
which is why she was flattening out as she was doing.
Bless her. Let us know how she is doing.



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Thanks for all the wishes, really appreciate them!
Daenys is still looking alert today. Aside from not moving and a lack of appetite, she still seems ok to me.
I only got her to eat a worm today but I did keep up with the slurry mixed with a bit of chicken puree. She was only willing to take a bit though.
She only moves when she was done basking or when I fed her her meds. She would still try to run away from me. Im guessing they must taste pretty nasty :(

AHBD":36q6wtrt said:
Still, it may be that a fall from such a height could have been the culprit though. How high was it ?
It was around 5 ft :cry: I had 3 tanks stacked on a shelf and she had the top one D:


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Hello, just an update on Daenys' condition

It's been a week now and though she's still not moving around much, she remains a bright color and alert. She also began eating the worms on her own but still refused to touch her greens. :mrgreen:
Upon our 2nd visit the vet said the tissue taken was an epithelial cell which showed no abnormalities and they concluded that Daenys is in the state of recovery. They prescribed baytril again which Im to give for another 5 days.

Will keep you guys updated :)
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