Anyone in Kansas City looking for a new dragon

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My other half is getting ready to leave for basic training and I don't think I can take care of our 8 dragons alone so we are downsizing. So i'm looking to get rid of 4. They range from 3-9 months in age. Let me know if you've got room for another one. :D I have 2 reds, a super translucent and a normal phase that is going to be a BIG boy. I'd be happy to provide pictures.


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Not really, I'm up for a road trip. Problem -- don't have a second viv...

So this thing could work if I could get a dragon with viv ;)


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Well my current problem is that I have more dragons than vivs, so I wouldn't be able to part with any of mine. But watch craigslist, it's a god send. If you decide to track down a viv, let me know :)
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