Any other bird-hunters??

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This really freaked me out but once i realized what was happening it was kind of funny...

I was feeling guilty about all the trips to the petstore for my beardie (Malys) so a couple of weeks ago, picked up a new cat toy as well (she does have seniority LOL!). It looks like a mini-feather duster on a two-foot wand and since it's now the only toy she plays with, i stuck the wand in a bookcase so the 'feather duster' sticks out and she can play with it if I'm not around.

That weekend Malys was out of his tank and spotted it across the room, tore across and made as if he was going to jump up and eat it! I grabbed it just before he did and then hid it until i put him back. Yesterday i was pretty worried about him, he was freaking out in his tank like he wanted out (which he never does), digging in the corner, and basically just going mad. I held him for a bit and he seemed to relax and about 5 minutes later was doing it again. About 30 seconds into this little tantrum i realized that my niece was across the room swinging around this 'feather duster' and Malys just wanted to attack it. I've since relocated the feather duster to live in another room. I'm just surprised that he was interested in it. I've never heard of beardies hunting birds...has anyone else?


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:laughhard: :laughhard: Thank you 1000 times,Everyone needs a good hard laugh every day. You have supplied mine for the day. Just get him a larger, safer cat toy on a stick to play with. And for goodness sakes don't forget the video. This I gotta see! LOVE IT!! :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:

Sandy H


im pretty sure that beardies will try to eat almost anything that moves unless they know it is too big for them. but i would imagine if they eat mice and small lizards a bird wouldnt be too different


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This thing is about his size.

I could get a video...would that be mean to tease him with it though? I don't want to stress him out.


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Don't let him play with the one with feathers. He might ingest one and that couldn't be good. I meant something like a rubber mouse or something. As for teasing, hmm, I hadn't looked at it that way. Still thinking like a cat slave instead of a beardie slave. You could try it once and see. If he stresses, stop. If he looks like he is having fun, you have invented a new game.

Sandy H


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My beardie also loves playing with my cat toys like that. I have a little fake cat toy mouse that I hooked up to a string just for him to play with.


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I would LOVE to see this. I actually have wondered about getting cat toys for the bds, because feel like they must need some stimulation sometimes. They get out but they usually just snuggle down, they don't always run around much. Let us know if he likes it!!!!!


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what about one of those balls with the bell inside? also I was wondering about hamster wheels for them to exercise in. I know Draco loves to attack this little animal skull head I put inside, well after cleaning and cooking it to be germ free.


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that was amazing!!!! I don't 'think' he's stressed, but I can see why you would be worried about teasing him. Maybe you can replace the feathers with a bunch of greens LOL...tho it wouldn't be as fun maybe. Pretty cool stuff!
I've been eyeing those cat trees or big parrot playgrounds. Hmmm...
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