Alternative methods to water crystals to hydrate dubias?

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What are popular methods to keep dubias hydrated aside from using water crystals? I realize that is a very broad question with several answers, so could anyone offer insight into how they do their own colony personally?

Thank you if you can.


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I don't use water crystals at all, just fresh fruit or vegetable scraps tossed in the bin.

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I agree. Plenty of veg scraps work well. Sometimes I throw in orange wedges which they like a lot.


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Fresh washed greens or fruit daily. An evening misting of the sides of the tub. 5 or so sprays. This is to help with moulting.

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Sandybeardie":rvn7akjm said:
Would apples work? That's what I feed my crickets.

Been there tried that : the slices start to forment pretty soon , wind up with drunk bugs , and if wrong kind of alcohol they could become toxic.

same happens with potato slices. Carrot chunk work better.

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I spray down the enclosure from time to time (I don't use egg flats) and feed fruits and veggies. You shouldn't be offering more food than will get eaten in one or two days.mone love apple cores, pineapple rinds and squash.
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