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Thank you . :) He isn't shy at all, they like to burrow and spend some time under the logs + rocks but Blaze pops out very often and will follow my movements because he wants food. He doesn't like being handled as much as my first pair [ 25 years ago I got an adult pair of unknown age that laid several clutches of the prettiest babies you could imagine ] but Blaze likes to slip through my hands as fast as lightning. Has never bit me, just tried for a finger once when he was thinking I had food. They eat any type of insect you can give them, plus cooked egg, salmon, fish, chicken, even the isopods in his tank, lol. I just love these though, easy to care for and easy to feed. Clean up crew in the tank take care of his poos that he leaves in the same corner all the time.


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Here's Blaze as a baby.


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Here's Blaze as a baby.
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Wow, he's just a baby in this photo. I also like to remember the time when children were just little kids His surroundings look great and you probably spent a lot of time implementing his home. I can’t even imagine how long it took to study how to build a bioactive habitat, for me it always seemed like some kind of magic. Does it eat plants in its habitat?
I'm ashamed to say I don't know anything about skinks, do they eat vegetation?


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I've read different answers about them eating fruits + veg. but never saw him care much for it. They are mainly insectivores. I used plain topsoil with a small amount of sand , coco fiber about 4 inches deep and moss on top. I pour water directly over all of the moss and it keeps the substrate right how it should be, just by experimenting. It wasn't really hard. It can be fun setting up a naturalistic habitat.
Oh, ETA that there are MANY types of skinks and most are insectivores but some eat fruit + veg, small birds, snails, etc.
There is also type of skink called a gidgee skink that can allegedly live in colonies.
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Yoshi and rescue bob
Yoshi and bleu the chiweenie.. we just rescued Bob too no pic available


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