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Beardie name(s)
Hazel my female two year old beardie
My pets!

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His name is Phoenix he is a crested gecko and 3 years old.
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This is one of my dogs Cruz he is a Labradoodle and he just turned 1!!
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This is Skye she is a Texas Heeler and also 1 years old(A few months older than Cruz)
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This is Hazel she is my beardie and she is almost 2 years old!
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And three chickens(We used to have two but one died and one we sold to a friend.) They all look the same and they're names are Kiwi,Grape,And Apricot!(The other one we sold to a friend her name is Mango and the one that died was named banana)

Those are all my pets!(Also have fish but too many to take a picture 😆)
And also the chickens are almost 4 years old!


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Beardie name(s)
Hazel my female two year old beardie
Oh god- walking all of them at the same time would be quite the task! My Nonna used to have 14 cats, 7 of them were unexpected (one poor kitty mama gave birth to septuplets and a litter of two before that).
14 cats!- I can't get cats because my family is allergic to them and I'm not a fan of cats except my friend's cats.


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Beardie name(s)
I've got 2 pets. 1 dog named Jack.

And my idi0t son Swordtail


Beardie name(s)
This is Freckle...Unsure about age. She was a rescue The dog is Penny. She's Maltese/Shihtzu mix and the last one is Sebastian ♥️


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Clapton is acclimating okay I think. He's quick as lightning so I'm not sure how much I should bring him out of his house yet. He's not at all interested in his salad though. I wonder if I should change what I'm giving him. Least he's eating his crickets.

Things to do:
Buy calcium powder
Material to raise surface for basking spot
Scenery decals for back of tank
Taking my beardie for a walk
Hi everyone, I have a question please. I have a thick branch I got from outside. It has been in freezing temperatures so I know that it is insect free. I took it off the ground and sat it up during a night we got down to 15 so the entire thing would freeze. Well tonight I put white vinegar all over it too cleanse it since it won't fit in my oven. Do I need to rinse with water tomorrow or is it fine left alone dried?

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