1. Amalgamates

    Emergency vet for sudden illness, wouldn't move. Possibly tumor (passed away)

    EDIT: I love you Nancy, R.I.P., she died of these health complications. Thread kept up in case anyone else in the future has similar issues and s searching, I sympathize with you. Nancy has suddenly fallen very ill within the past 3 days - little to no movement other than shifting positions...
  2. S

    Advice Needed Please! Post Surgery Recovery

    Hi Everyone, So my beardie (4-year-old female) had surgery a few weeks ago to remove a mass that the vet believed to be a sarcoma (needle biopsy lab tested). Please see the photos. The vet and I were monitoring it for a month and it kept growing. During the time prior to the surgery, she was...
  3. HippieLizards

    Possible tumor, cyst, or abscess developed while I was on vacation for a week. Please help.

    As the title suggests, I just got back home from being away on vacation for 8 days, I had my uncle come and feed them every 2 days however he is not a reptile guy and wouldn’t have noticed this. I finally have had a chance to take a close look at all of my beardies and check for anything before...
  4. L

    Help my bearded dragon has a bump

    weird bump I don’t know when it showed up. He’s 4 years old btw. He also has a weird black scale that repeatedly comes back I don’t know if they’re related. there are no exotic animal vets where I live nor can I afford it. also, the black scale. he has had for about a Year or two
  5. Mommydragon

    Possible GNT?

    Hi everyone. Just recently joined this group. I’m looking for some answers and support. We have a beautiful girl, Kayda, we’ve had her almost a year. She was gifted to us last September. She was growing well and eating well. We did all the research, had her set up with a 4x4x2 with a reptisun...
  6. F

    Vet says he has Tumor but I'm not sure

    Went to the vet the other day after noticing one side of his mouth was swollen. They said it was a tumor (he's 11 btw) and that because of his age they said it would be a waste of time to operate since it would come right back. And suggested euthanasia. I asked if we could try anti biotics...
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