skin issue

  1. S

    Possible Stuck Shed or Rash, Please help.

    My beardie has been rubbing her face a bit, but kind of stopped now. But her face has some shed something and I'm unsure what to do.
  2. Shojo

    White patches on arm and leg

    Hi my beardie is about a year and half years old she’s been eating fine but I noticed yesterday that a white patch had shone on their leg and arm. I know it’s normal to turn more white for shedding but this color of scales is more stark white than it is when they’re about to shed. Please let me...
  3. H

    Irregular blotchy darker spots on head

    Hello, our dragon Haku has been developing some blotchy darker spots on his head. They started showing up about 2 months ago, but we assumed it was shed. He did shed the whole top of his head eventually but the splotches were still there. He also has lots of "freckles" (like individual black...
  4. I

    My dads blue tongued skink needs help

    I have no idea what to do and I have tried to look up information but it doesn't seem to be anywhere. So my dad adopted a blue tongued skink because he thought it was cool and he could handle it I don't think he did any research and despite my trying to convince him to take Tony (the skink) to...
  5. annabella

    Dark Brown Scales, Fungus? Danger?

    Hello All, Hope your babies are well. I had to put my Nep, a three year old sweetheart, into a boarding home for a week. I did not like how it was not up to my standards on being clean. However it was our only option as we had to go out of town. Upon picking her up two days ago, these dark...
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