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New Bearded Dragon Owner Checklist on What to Buy

Below is quick overview of the basics you will need when you first welcome your bearded dragon into your family.

The Basics​

  • Terrarium (40 gallon minimum; 120 gallon optimal)
  • UVB fluorescent tube style bulb (Arcadia 12 % UVB or Reptisun 10.0)
  • UVB light fixture/terrarium dome
  • Basking bulb
  • Basking bulb dome fixture
  • Basking surface/rock
  • CHE bulb (if your house gets below 65 degrees)
  • CHE bulb dome fixture
  • Thermometer/temp gun
  • Tank thermometer/hygrometer
  • Non particle substrate
  • Food/water bowl
  • Multivitamin Powder
  • Calcium Powder with Vitamin D3
  • Food (dubia roaches, crickets, super worms)
  • Salad/vegetables
  • Some terrarium accessories

Optional Items

  • dimmer switch
  • surge protector
  • 3M Command Hooks (for mounting the UVB fixture inside tank)
  • reptile feeding tongs
  • shaker vitamin coating chamber
  • cricket keeper
  • steam vacuum
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