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Ultimate List of Everything You Need to Buy for Your Bearded Dragon – And Why It’s Important

Whether you’re planning out every aspect of bearded dragon ownership before you bring your new friend home (extra kudos to you!), or like many of us, you bought your bearded dragon at a pet store hoping to figure out all the details on the fly, we’re here for you with ten helpful setup guides and recommended products, full of information on every aspect of bearded dragon husbandry.

While pet stores are indeed a convenient place to buy your bearded dragon since they are readily available in most communities and require less patience and resources than working with a qualified bearded dragon breeder, relying on the pet store to tell you what your bearded dragon needs, leads many new beardie owners to buy various reptile “kits” that line the shelves of many pet stores.

Unfortunately, most of these kits contain useless or even dangerous items that are not suitable for your bearded dragon. To help you avoid future frustration and save you money on unnecessary purchases, we have put together these helpful guides on what to buy.

For those of you looking for just a quick checklist of needed items, please refer to our Bearded Dragon New Owner Checklist on What to Buy.

Bearded Dragon Terrarium Guide

Bearded Dragon Lighting Guide

Bearded Dragon Heating Guide

Bearded Dragon Temperature and Humidity Guide (Coming Soon!)

Bearded Dragon Substrate Guide
(Coming Soon!)

Bearded Dragon Basking Surface/Hides Guide (Coming Soon!)

Bearded Dragon Food and Water Guide (Coming Soon!)

Bearded Dragon Supplement Guide (Coming Soon!)

Bearded Dragon Terrarium Accessories Guide (Coming Soon!)

Bearded Dragon Optional (but Helpful) Items Guide (Coming Soon!)
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