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    Ugh Lizard ate a rock

    I'm sure he'll be fine, don't worry. Keep an eye on him, maybe bath him more than you usually would since they tend to poo most of the time when they take one. It's not uncommon for them for them to sometimes eat something they shouldn't.
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    Little bit of blood in

    I have his vet appointment set up for next Wed. He went in the tank again but this time I saw that the blood was MUCH less. Though that makes me feel a bit better, he's still going to the vet. As for the sand...he has been on sand for a long time and I have not had any problems with it so far. I...
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    Little bit of blood in

    No, he doesn't eat anything red.
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    Little bit of blood in

    My beardie Gizmo is about full grown and I noticed two days ago that his poo had a few spots of blood, nothing major but concerning. I kept an eye on him and he went today and his poo had spots of blood in it again, not a lot but still... His appetite has not changed at all and he eats his...
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    45% is getting a little high but if it's lower than 50% it's ok. Between 40% and under would be better. As for lowering it, I've never heard of rice lowering humidity. Do you have a dehumidifier? I use one when it gets really humid and it lowers it perfectly most of the time.
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    my beardie wont drink

    This is a bit off topic, but a humidity level of 30% isn't that bad at all, actually, it's pretty good. Most websites, breeders, and my vet informed me that as long as the level is under 50% it should be fine. Going over 50% is when its far too high. My beardies tank is always between 30% and...
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    I've used repti-sand for a long time now and use to have my beardie on carpeting. He's much more alert and active now that he can dig. It's funny to see him randomly start digging like crazy lol I believe a sandbox would be a good idea :) Play sand isn't your only option. As I said, I use...
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    I actually do use sand and it's also Repti-sand. Makes me feel a bit like an oddball here but oh well. I've used it for a long time now and Gizmo (my beardie) is perfectly fine. I feed him crickets outside the tank in a separate one (his "feeding tank") so he won't ingest the sand buy mistake. I...
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    Incense Burning?

    I enjoy burning incense in my room where my beardie was but noticed that he started to stop eating. I moved his tank to another room where I never burned incense and he perked up in a few days. I don't recommend burning it around your beardie, speaking from personal experience. Not saying that...
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    my beardie wont drink

    I stopped keeping a water bowl in my beardies tank about two weeks after I bought him (a little over a year ago). He was about 6 months old and the pet store insisted that I keep a water bowl in his tank. I honestly don't put much stock in what pet stores say (they told me to use crushed walnut...
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    My beardie Gizmo went into brumation for the first time last year so let me just say from experience that it can make you a little anxious once in a while. He "went to sleep" around late September and didn't come to until March. I made sure that he had a hid box to crawl into but that it was...
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    Substrate question

    Well, I wouldn't recommend using plain towels (if by the first towels you mentioned you mean bath towels and such). Your beardie's claws can get stuck in them and it may hurt him if he decides to run around and his claw is stuck :/ As for paper towels, yeah, that would work. My friend uses them...
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    Sleepy & Sluggish Beardie. Whats Wrong???

    Did what was suggested and called the manufacture and wish I hadn't. Good God the woman who picked up was so snappy and rude I wanted to hit her. I tried explaining that I wasn't complaining about the darn thing and she hung up on me! She hung up! :banghead: Ok, little rant over...
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    How often should I give my beardie crickets???

    Thats close to how many I give him now each day, which is 10, sometimes a little more, but rarely less and he LOVES his salads. I think maybe more than his crickets lol. He's a good little eater.
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    Sleepy & Sluggish Beardie. Whats Wrong???

    I'm gonna star leaving the uvb light on for about 9 hours, see if that helps. Its just that some tell me not to leave it on for more than 3-5 hours (aka my boyfriend). He seems to either have very good info about beardies or very bad. Never in between so I'm never sure whether to listen to him...
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