4 weeks in new beardy still not eating

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Re: 4 weeks in new beardy still not eating

Postby Auot » Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:50 am

[Click image to enlarge]

Here's Thor. He stopped eating on Day 2. I am actually very comfortable with the fact our vet treated without culture. You could smell the poop from two doors down. It was normal the first day, didn't poop for a week then green slimy and the weekend prior to abx diarrhea and dear gosh awful. It was so liquid there was no way to get a sample. Two days into flagyl they started to reverse in progression loose, then green and slimy and now back to the first stool he had soft but solid and barely no smell. So it indicates that he is responding to treatment. I agree a sample would have been best clinical practice but sometimes, you just gotta treat empirically.

His beard has sort of been like that all along. A little darker lately, I have noticed. He's a great guy, has a routine and if funny if it is HIS time to come out of the habitat, he will knock so loudly on the doors that we can hear him downstairs!!

I just wish he would eat on his own. Thor and I discuss it every day and he just won't. My current thought of plan is: once he is done the Flagyl (Monday) on Thursday (3 days post abx) stop force feeding. Daily weighing. Question is, does this seem reasonable? How low do we let his weight get?

He has made great progress in the last week with his weight, too: Pre abx 265 currently 297 That's just one week.

So much rambling. He is so frustrating with this issue.
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Re: 4 weeks in new beardy still not eating

Postby KarrieRee » Sun Oct 18, 2020 6:59 am

Yep that smell would be a sign of parasites -- :lol: --- its good hes gaining weight and such a personality :) -- I would keep offering his insects and see if he will go for them -- if your feeding crickets I would get him switched over to dubia roaches -- better health wise -- you dont want him to loose too much weight but those meds will have an effect on the appetite -- keep track of his weight and if its like drastic losing then I would intervene -- and if he starts eating a little that is good - if you need websites please ask I will post some for the insects / worms
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Re: 4 weeks in new beardy still not eating

Postby AHBD » Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:12 am

I think you + Thor's plan is fine. :) He's gained plenty of weight and is even chubby. So just be patient and he should start eating on his own at some point.
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