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Zombie theme enclosure build


New member
I am in the process of a enclosure build. First time building an enclosure. Wish I would have joined this site before I started. Very good info. I will update with more photos and the steps taken, when I have more time and i am finished with the build.

I will start with the zombie...I bought a plastic skull and wrapped it with foil and tape and then used paper mache to cover it. I then cut it off removed the heavy plastic skull and put the paper mache shell back together with more layers. I then painted and sealed to protect it from water or moisture. I filled the cavity with foam and mounted it on pvc pipe. I added the jaw and used cheese cloth in little strips to form the tendons/muscle connecting the skull to the jaw. Using pvc I formed the shoulder and arm structure. Then wrapped it with foil and tape to sculpt the form. I then wrapped it with cheese cloth and sealed it. Have not had time to make the hand , add "flesh" to the skull or finish paint. Eyes- I used blank wood doll heads I found at Michael's. Useing a drill and sand paper I shaped them to fit the eye sockets. I then painted with water based paint and alternated layers of hodgepodge and watered down paint and tinted hodgepodge to build depth. I would say over 10 layers I lost count. Teeth - I used playdough to make a mold of the teeth on the.plastic skull and filled them.with wood glue and food coloring tinted glue. Toung- made with spray foam. I placed two small magnets on the backside and then sealed it. Two screws were screwed into.the back of the.mouth for the magnets to stick to. This is so it can be removed if it needs to be cleaned or if bugs get into the mouth.

More to come...
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