Why, Hello There! *Sheldon <3

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Introducing... SHELDON!

Hello! My name is Becky, first time poster, long time site stalker. I am fifteen (sixteen in November), and currently live in VERY sunny California.
So I have been wanting a Bearded Dragon for around six months now, although my parents only agreed to let me get one four months ago. I had snakes before, but no other reptile. I slowly researched, meticulously learning everything about them I could, while also saving my money. Piece by piece, I acquired everything that I needed. And now...today...I bought a bearded dragon!!! :blob5: :blob8: :blob5: :blob8:

Sheldon is a red x from LLLreptile, and he looks VERY healthy! lives in a 40 gallon breeder (until my father and I make him a 4x2x2 cage), complete with a reptisun 10.0 bulb and basking bulb. The hottest part of his basking branch is 110 right now, 95 - 100 on hot side, and cool side is 80. He has shelf liner/repti carpet, but when he gets a bit older he will be getting tile. He is running around licking EVERYTHING and waving at me! :lol:

I can already tell he is going to be super spunky, in the store he just sat on my hand and looked at me like "why, hello there!" All the other beardies ran away when the tank opened up, but Sheldon moved up higher on his branch!
And now, PICTURES!!!! :D

About 10 seconds after I put him in his cage

Oh, It's you!

After he flying ninja jumped onto his basking branch!

Got a picture of him waving at me!

Thermo regulating for the first time


AAAAAND his current tank :D Dont worry, I dont use the dial thermometer. I got the tank from a friend and it was already on the wall. If you guys have any advice for his tank, let me know!


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morphmom":23ngzfla said:
Welcome! Love Sheldon! Love the tank! Love that you did your research! :mrgreen:

Thanks! Im the kind of person that won't even consider buying an animal unless I know all about them! :)


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Welcome and congrats on the ADORABLE little one! :) He looks like he is settling right in. I always love to see people doing their research, and I'm sure Sheldon is loving it too!



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Congratulations! I think the arm-waving picture says, "Whoa! Hold the papperazzi!" :D

On the tank, I have my food and water on the cool side so the greens don't dry out so fast.


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My only suggestion would be to get different food/water dishes. they look pretty tall and that they could easily tip over. So glad to hear you did your research before getting this little guy. He looks great! Every time I'm at LLL I try not to look at the babies in fear of taking home another one. haha. My new girl waved at me the first day I brought her home and hasn't done it since. I think she know's I'm trained and no longer alpha. Welcome to the site officially!


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Thanks! I've actually taken them out because I put the salad on a plate and I mist him. Im so glad I researched too! Hahaha I want Sheldon to be happy. :D


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Congratulations!!! :D He is so adorable as is his name! I wish mine would wave, you are so lucky and so is he! :D

You do have an amazing setup, very true, you did do your research first...wish I had done the same. :oops:
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