why did my beardie bite

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After many people helped me here on beardeddragon.com when I bought Groucho and the store sold me all the wrong things and my beardie got sick, I got all the right food light and heat, he is fealing much much better. My little dragon is being very fiesty to day and bit my husband and took off running. He then got all upitty at me. He opend his mouth at me and got all up on his toes, put his beard out and puffed up when I put my hand by the glass. Why oh why is sweet little Groucho being a bit of a butt???? :banghead:


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when they are babies like that they tend to be very skittish. They are not comfortable with their surroundings yet because instinctfully they know they are small enough to be prey and you are very large by comparrison. You need to hold him and let him bite you if he tries (do not yank away cause this is the reaction he wants). as babies their bite is humourous more than anything else. When you boy figures out that the behavior will not get him left alone which is what he wants he will stop. You can also take a shirt or something that has your sent on it crumpled up and leave it in his tank for him to sleep on and cuddle with this will help him associate your scent with comfort.

also you can take him out of his tank right before his lights go out and bundle him up in a towel and lay him on your chest. he will associate begin handled with comfort. he will fall asleep on your chest. it will help him become docile.


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Hmm my guess would be that maybe you scared him. I assume you had to chase him down when he went running? Another thing you can do to get him used to you is to put a shirt that smells like you in his viv. Make sure it doesn't smell like perfume or deoderant though.


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ok I will put a shirt in there for him. Im telling you though, he is not afraid nor was he startled, he bite my husband, grinned, ran and jumped to the floor. When he puffed up at me it was through the glass and he came over to the glass to do it. I think hes just feeling good and trying to be tough (do they do that?). We hold him three of four times a day and he falls asleep in my hands almost every night before I put him in to bed. Do they get sibbling agresive? Hes also been roving around is viv jumping from rock to rock and staring out at us.
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