Where to sell/give away baby beardies?

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I just recently had 2 clutches of beardie eggs hatch and now I have about 60 baby beardies. Never thought any of my eggs would actually hatch because they kept dying so was caught totally off guard when I found a baby in the incubator. I was prepared just in case and not saying that I cannot take care of them and that I was being irresponsible but just wondering where I can sell or give them away because obviously I cannot keep 60 beardies. I do have a friend who's kid wants one but that's about it. So just wondering what people do when they are not an official breeder and just happen to get a couple clutches of babies. And btw I will not be letting my pair breed ever again because there's no way I can afford all these babies forever.


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It would be best to ask at least a small price for them, put ads out with appealing pics. If you just give them away, people may not take care of them at all or even use them to feed to larger reptiles. You might have to wholesale some to stores as well. It's very difficult to buy food + take care of so many babies. Lots of tubs, lights , time + bugs. :)


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We do have a "For Sale" forum & a "For Free" forum here so you could consider one of those to try & move a few.
I know, that is a lot of mouths to feed.



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ok thank you I will try posting in one of those places and I am in the chicagoland area if you happen to know anybody who would possibly want a young beardie


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Check with your local petstores, they might take a few.
If you get more eggs, you don't have to hatch them. You can freeze them then put them in the trash.
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