Where do you get your crickets?


I have been going to Reptipets, on Christian de Wet, Roodepoorts, for mine.

The thing is they have upped their prices, and dropped in quality. They say you get 150 crickets in a box for R80, but after counting how many I used and how many have died(none) in a given week-I come out more along the lines of 80 per box. That's R1 per cricket. A bit overpriced in my eyes. Not to mention the extreme variation is sizes!! The little ones are so small they keep escaping out of toothpick holes! And I included them in my count! So I'm guessing it's like 50 normal sized crickets for R80!!

So I've decided to look around for a better supplier- Any suggestions near the West Rand, Gauteng? I only need this for about 2-3 more weeks, then Leo should be big enough to feed roaches. CANT WAIT!!


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I would PM Taryn7
I think she's in Johannesburg, but between her and her boyfriend, they've got 4 beardies, so I'm betting they'll have some ideas.


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repri pets is also where i go however the quality is lacking to say the least...

they feed their crickets on dog food pellets and this is not the ideal way to pass nutrients on to your beirdie.
i also find them excessively expensive. the cost of feeding my babies is alredy well in the hundreds of rands and this kind of "monopoly on crickets" just serves to kill any interest in keeping bearded dragon's.

crickets however are quite easy to raise for yourself and once the colony is established just try and stop them breading...

my crickets get fed on whatever veg I'm giving my pet. i.e.
if I'm peeling a patipan for instance ill give the peels to the crickets etc...

immediately after just one night they turned from a light see thru red colour to a darker brown.
ill be breading crickets shortly on my farm in noitgedaght up the road...crickets will be available to whoever wants them for free if i can help it... "keep what you catch policy"

lets see what the expo will bring with regards to feeds available in SA..


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Good prices and they supply crix,supers,roaches, ga ga grubs etc..
They are in Edenvale but I think they do deliver


yup starting my colony today :p hope it will take off well. Also looking at breeding silkworms got 10 so far so soon i might be able to supply :p


Our local petshop buys from Crickets for Africa in KZN...costly because we pay courier fees (I am in the Cape). I cant complain about the crickets - I buy by size and the adults are a fair size. I also feed superworms (which I believe are healthier than mealworms), but they cost me 60c each and Velcro would eat them all in one sitting if she was allowed to! Not sure where the petshop gets those at the moment, but i know that Crickets for Africa is going to supply those soon too. Never heard of the roaches in SA - maybe we will see them down here ?

When I go to the farm in the NE Cape, we go hunting for grasshoppers in the veld...Velcro thinks its heaven! Amazing how agile she is when she is after a hopper in the grass!

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