Where can I order phoeninx/repti worms online?

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I really want to stop feeding crickets and switch to phoenix/repti worms as a staple protien because the crickets are such a hassel. I found a pretty good site but I live in Canada and it said it couldn't ship to individual eople in Canada, only petstores or other companies. I considered silkworms because there is a place where I could areder them but they are so difficult to care for. So does anyone know where I could order phoenix/repti worms online in Canada?


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Here is where I get mine, although I've never ordered them online I usuallybuy them from this company at expos. I was surprised none of my herps really liked the phoenix worms much, I have beardies, chameleons, crested and leopard geckos but only my pregnant female dragon will eat them .. but at this point she'll eat ANYTHING so that doesn't count lol



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Ummm Ièm 13 and I think I just accidentaly ordered 200 phoenix worms without asking my dad first. How do you know when you sent the order. And I donèt even know how much they cost! OMG Help please!


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............... email them and cancel I guess, check their site for a phone # ... I've never ordered from them online like I said, but I know they have great quality feeders because I've bought everything they carry by now but always in person, always at an expo. I imagine they'll email you an order confirmation.
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