When to free-roam?


So after much taming, I held my beardie for the first time today! He gave me this look, but he didn't try to wriggle free and even ate some superworms while I held him, so eager too! When I put him back inside, he ate his roaches as if nothing happened! I was so happy, as I was so nervous about rushing his taming!

I know free roaming would probably be too soon since today is our first handling session. But it went so well and I wanna give him the freedom to explore, so he can come to enjoy being out and about. So how will I know my beardie is ready to start roaming around my room and chillin' with me?


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If you are able you could sit on the floor while holding your dragon. That allows him to look around. You could set his feet on the ground and gently pick him up so he gets used to the idea that you will pick him up from the floor. Based on how he reacts that gives you an idea on if he will stay calm or it gets him excited and he moves to run or looks upset or anything other than calm happy


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This is so me right now. After giving her a bath, I held her for 2 minutes, even walked around a little then put her back in- She resumed activities like normal. She did not squirm but the next day, she doesn't even pay me any mind. She gives me dirty looks until she wants me to feed her and pick up her poop (which has to be done immediately!!!)

I am trying to be patient but tomorrow when her play pen comes, I am going to take her out to play. Even if I don't do much but pet her (she does let me do that frequently), I want her to enjoy being out of her enclosure-

What do you think?

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is my bearded dragons left side supposed to be hard, it’s right above its left leg in the back, it’s kind of hard? i feed it insects and greens. not sure if it’s normal or not? i can post pictures.
His first vet visit went well! Abelardo Texas looks good physically according to his new Dr.
Unfortunately, on the fecal it showed that he has Coccidia. Not a surprise honestly... he has been having diarrhea since I got him. I got Albon, F10, and a steam cleaner on hand.
I'm kinda freaked out, I heard coccidia is a beast to get rid of. Wish me luck! 😭
Sorry didn’t mean to post the last post was an accident, but I do have a question I have a 7 month old dragon, her name is Smaug and she will not eat her salad I have tried everything that I can, just wondering if anyone can help me because I’m stuck and I know that she should probably be eating them by now! If anyone can give me ideas that would be great!
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