What veggies to feed


Hi guys
I've read alot about what veggies to feed your beardie on this forum
but alot of the veggies they talk about i dont know.I live in standerton south africa
and tried to feed my dragon lettice,carrots,celery,spinace but to no avail.the only stuff that my beardie will eat
is fresh parsley,is it good enough for him.because i live in standerton i have a problem getting crickets-have tried crickets for africa,but the delevery cost is twice the crickets price.so i bought a superworm business and now that is all i feed my dragon and he seem to like it very much but i would like to feed him more veggies.can someone help with a list of veggies i can feed him that i can get in south africa.my dragon is 1 year old and 430mm long and looks healthy.his name is spyro.


Common to South Africa is also the Hibiscus which they seem to love, especially the red one. Flower and leaves can be fed. My boy loves the flowers, go figure. :blob5:


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Okay firstly- NO lettuce and NO spinach.. At all. Ever. :lol:
Secondly I am not familiar with Standerton but do you have a fruit and veg near by? If so - look for endive. I get it from there, its great for beardies and they love it.. And its CHEAP!

Also, you can try watercress and rocket.. Also available from fruit and veg or even Woolies.

My beardies don't eat anything other than superworms and veggies.. They turn their noses up at crickets, roaches, phoenix worms.. They only want their supers. But I limit them as they are adults


Hi, I must say this was a big problem for me too! It took ages to translate the beautifuldragons page into something a south african could use! So far I have worked out a relatively ok diet, and it grows in my garden so it doesn't cost anything!
Most of these things are available at the nearest grocer, but I have managed to grow all of them in my garden (except the Chicory and Endive- rebel farmers are cheap enough!)

Nasturtiums (grow like crazy in our climate! and have really pretty edible flowers - great for your salads too!)
Rocket (an appropriate name for their growth)
Lusern (hard to find the seeds in small quantities, but so worth it)
Baby marrows - chopped into small pieces
Radish leaves (cut from home grown radishes)
Rosemary (fantasic food - buy annoying to break off all the leaves)
Green beans
Wheat grass
Endive (useful in the winter)
Chicory (useful in the winter)
Lemon Grass (it needs to be broken in very tiny pieces, but it is a fantastic fibre supplement. You should wear gloves when you handle it though- the tiny fibres can irritate your hands if you spend 10mins breaking it into tiny pieces)

Occasional Supplements/treats
Sweet Basil
Fennel tips
Asparagus tips
Thyme (smells great, but not much food to it!)
Watercress (only if dehydrated)
Parsley (only if dehydrated)

The other important fact is if your Dragons do not really enjoy the processed pellets, you can feed your crickets/roaches with the same pellets making them much more nutritious!
Roaches seem to be the easiest and cheapest for me- I have a colony going of about 5000! I keep a mixture of lobsters and dubias!

When I started, My one dragon was costing me about R220 per week! Now I am completely self sufficient!

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