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So I've taken in my sister's beardie who has a megaray in his cage. Unfortunately, I think it is one of the bad bulbs. He always has his eyes closed and is having a hard time shedding. I've turned off the light for now. We're going to e-mail reptileluv to get a replacement bulb. However, what do I do in the meantime? I don't have an extra bulb on hand...all I have is basking heat lamps. Any ideas on what I can do until the new bulb comes in? :(


you can just run a regular house bulb until it comes in. your beardie will be fine and will actually give your dragons eye a rest from the MVB bulb. I also wouldn't recommend getting another MVB bulb if it's hurting his eyes. If you look at the box it says "don't look directly at light" and as soon as you put it in your beardie looks straight up to the light. Just my opinion though :D
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