what are symptoms....

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of impaction?? my beardy isnt acting too out of the norm but he is acting a little strange and the only thing i can think of is him eating some of the sand in the tanks(i know that none of you recomment sand but i had it for now). it is calcium sand so it shouldnt be bad but i was just wondering if there would be anything i would notice just cause he doesnt seem to be as active as normal. thank you i could use some help asap =)


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If he is already eating the sand in the tank & it is calcisand, then he is probably already impacted. The signs are inability to go to the bathroom or straining when going or reduced amount of stool.
If you feel any lumps around his belly, that could also be an impaction.
Also, the calcisand clumps up like cement when they ingest it & it gets wet. I highly suggest you remove that sand & put in paper towels right now.
Is he eating or going to the bathroom?

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