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Well, we made it through our two day trip, and I have to tell you guys, you were right! Toni did really well on the trip. We left at 2 Friday morning, so I put sleepy head in her little carrier with her towel. When she woke up about 8 or so, she started to come out of the carrier so I picked her up. She took one look around and literally dove right back into her carrier. But as the day went on, she got a little braver and would peek out. When we got to our destination, I put her on her leash and let her roam in the pretty Alabama grass. She pancaked out and then took a major poo. Then the dog that was there rolled in it....disgusting :bleick:. When we went to the hotel, she was very tuckered out, but I gave her a good soak to hydrate her. She passed out in her carrier. Next morning, let her soak again and got another massive poo. lol. And she had supers for breakfast. We headed back home and we stopped at a subway for lunch. I didn't want to leave her in the truck so I put her down in my large purse to sneak her in. Little turd wouldn't stay down in the purse so I had to go find a booth and sit down so she wouldn't be seen. I really think she had a good time once she relaxed. I'm so glad that I took her.

A nice good soak...



Sleepy Time!!!



Glad to be home...with pancake!



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I love the marking's on her face! Disgusting about the dog, funny about smuggling her into Subway. Glad your trip went well.


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Thank you! The carrier came from petsmart. I was embarrassed when the dog did that, but the owners didn't seem phased by it. Probably used to it.


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Awwww... Sounds like a fun trip! Maybe I should consider taking Brutus on my vacation.... hmmmm....
Too bad you didn't submit that sleepy photo for the recent sleeping beardies photo contest on BD.org. I SOOOO would have voted for you! That is an adorable pic! Where'd you get the carrier?


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I don't think I would have had it in time....maybe something else will come up that I can enter her pic in for! The carrier came from PetSmart.


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That's sweet. I think I am going to take Alvin on short trips when he gets a little older so that he gets used to it. We went camping a few weeks ago (in a camper with electric and water that is) and he got pretty stressed out. But I had only had him about a month and he was only about 2.5 months old at that time. We will be going again in a couple of weeks. I hope he doesn't get as stressed but I am sure he will eventually get used to it. No way am I leaving him home :)


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There was no way that I wanted to leave Toni home either. She was a great traveling buddy!


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Aww thank you for the pic comment. I'm glad that I'm finding people that think she's as precious as I do. The people in my house don't appreciate true beardie beauty or cuteness. lol
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