Weekend with Daddy!

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I had to go to my father's house this weekend and I couldn't fine a "babysitter" (my father had a heart attack when he heard that one :lol: ) Lucky, my boyfriend, Alucard's daddy, said I could bring all of Alucard's stuff over to his house. When it was all set up Matt (daddy) looked really overwhelmed with it. I called him every day almost nine times and he seemed to be okay. Well, I got back today and Matt seemed a little disappointed, lol. Alucard even black bearded me. I'm glad to know they had a fun time and that I have a reliable boyfriend to take care of my baby when I'm gone.

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I bet he did!! That's funny. It's good that you have someone to take care of you beardie when you must be away. We don't have anyone we trust that can take care of our girls. Well, at least one is a girl, we believe the other one is but she's to young to know for sure.


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I take care of my boyfriend's beardie, Razual, ocassionally.
Being as how he is already set up in my home... haha.
Richie stays over here about half the week (sometimes more.) but when he's not here, I get to feed and talk to and clean up after Razual, as well as my Lennon.
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