Way too skinny and basking with eyes closed

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The poor dear, it sounds like she is very critical. I hope that the fluids helped her out. Keep us posted on her condition.



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I am sad to report that our sweet little Page Turner did not make it. The vet came in to check on her at 10pm and she had moved around a little so she thought maybe she was a bit better. But come morning she was gone. She was just too weak. The vet was really nice and sympathetic. They offered to take her footprints in clay. There was a slight charge for it but I am so glad we did it. They also got imprints of her head and tail. A very sweet memorial. They lined a box with a towel and placed her in it all curled up like she was sleeping in her cave. When I opened the box I was expecting to see a stiff body all sprawled out in an empty box, so seeing that started the tears all anew. Very tasteful. We will bury her in the yard this weekend. This is the first pet that my kids have lost so it is hard on them too. She was actually my 7 year old's Christmas present (a bit early). It was the only thing he had asked for for Christmas. Just had his parent/teacher conference and the teacher told me that everything is about lizards for him at school too. So I asked him again what he wanted Santa to bring. He said maybe Santa will bring me a new baby girl lizard since mine died. I asked what else he wanted from Santa. He said that was pretty much it. Not sure what we will do. :(

On a side note, I made an appt for next week to take our other two dragons in for check-ups. Not that I think anything is wrong with either of them but this whole experience has me shaken up.

Thanks for all your help.
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