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I just got 2 beardies 2 weeks ago, they are VERY small- only about 6 in. from head to tail. One seems very healthy, he's getting nice and plump and is very alert etc. He's just starting to shed. The second one is really struggling. She ate less than the other at the very first anyway, but now I can only coax her into eating one cricket and maybe half a mealworm every other day. She'll eat a little bit of baby food (carrots or green beans) off of my finger, and some of her little beardie pellets, but nothing else. I've also given her a drop of water every day or so. I read on here that a warm bath might help, so I just gave her one, but she's still just sitting on some leaves with her eyes closed and not moving. This has been going on for almost a week. When I pick her up, she moves a little, but then shuts her eyes again and becomes limp. She does seem to poop/pee every day, one solid dark thing and a soft white one together.

They have a heating lamp that shines on their basking rock (where they both are now) and it's a special beardie light (has UVA and UVB rays). I've been checking the temp, and it seems like it stays about 90-100 degrees in the basking site. The rest of the cage is about 80 degrees. I feed them crickets (coated in calcium powder) that are smaller than the space between their eyes, and mealworms cut in half. They also eat some baby food and little pellets.

She's just unresponsive, she moves every now and again, but mostly sleeps all the time! And she will barely eat anything! What can I do? Help!

I've researched all I can find on beardies, but nothing is helping! Please help me figure out what the little one needs- I'd be so grateful!


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Sorry that your beardie isnt doing well.
First question I have is, what type of light is the uv light? (brand, strength etc)


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ya, whats your UV source? coil/tube? brand?
what are you measuring temp/humidity with?
whats the humidity in the tank?

do you see any behaviors where the other healthier dragon may "cut off" the sick BD for food? or just not at all acknowledge the other dragon?
assuming there is nothing wrong with your BD, having two dragons in the same tank can be complicated.
I have two females together, and my smaller one, Epic, sometimes get intimidated by Reign (name sees appropriate).
And, even if she eats fine to start, will stop if Reign gets too assertive for her liking.

I had to feed them seperately for a period to make sure Epic got her nutrients, and even helped her gain confidence in hunting food.
Sometimes, I would take Reign out of the tank, and bond with Reign, and give Epic a chance to relax, and eat some goodies.


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I moved their rock closer to the lamp (they are about 1 and a half feet away from the light). it's 75 watts, but I don't remember the brand and I can't find the box. It was orange and black and green...if that helps at all. Do you think she's too cold? The humidity is about 43.

I feed them separately so that the other beardie can't nab her food or intimidate her. He does seem to intimidate her a little, but that shouldn't affect her when she's outside the tank with her food, should it? I have to wait for her to even go for it for up to half an hour, sometimes. Usually she doesn't go for it, so I try every few hours. I don't feed her if it gets too late, though- I always give her two hours to digest her food before lights out.


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the basking site should be at 110. Particularly for young BD's.

a temporary and useful fix is to cover an end of the tank with a towel or something like that is not likely to catch fire.
I would also strongly consider a Vet check up. I know its Pricey, but make sure you find a reputable vet. BD.org can help with that.

as for things You can do now:
- buy "Repta-Aid" and follow the instructions.
- buy a syringe
- 1 (vanil) ensure
- 1 banana
- 1 multi-vit
- 1 small chicken baby food
>blend it together, and give 2.5mL to your BD (check on that, but I think thats a good dose)

freeze the extra... and there will be a lot of extra in your ice cube tray and thaw as necessary.


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you seem to be doing a lot of good things

sherimueller":adbce said:
He does seem to intimidate her a little, but that shouldn't affect her when she's outside the tank with her food, should it? I

if she can still see and even still smell the other dragon, she could still be intimidated.
I had to feed Epic off my tongs. I bought a good silver, metal about 1 foot long set that works great.
you can try feeders that are easier to digest... like phoenix worms.


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no problem, and DO try to figure out your UV B source... its critical. Check the link in my sig for more information.

if you paid via credit card you can call your bank and get a copy of your receipt.


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Hi sorry about your beardie being ill.I didnt see you mention if you are using a UVB bulb.I noticed you said you were using a 75 watt heat light but those wont have UVB.Generally you need 2 bulb 1 for basking and 1 for UVB.This would be a reason why your beardie has become lethargic.Beardies require UVB and without it their health will decline rapidly also I wouldnt raise those temps just yet.How are you measureing them and exactly where?Have you tried to give her a bath to make sure hse isnt dehydrated?I would soak her in warm water for about 20 minutes but dont leave her alone while your doing it.Also are you dusting her feeder with calcium and multivitamins?How often?When was the last time she pooped?


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ya... after rereading it... its not that you dont know your UV B source model...

you dont have one.... Thats a HUGE problem, but likely you were not given full advice, or at all useful advice from your pet store.
get those accurate thermometers, and get
a good UV B source stat.

reptisun 10.0 is a good bet i think its affordability. I got a Mercury Vapor UV B bulb offline for 36$ and retails for 90. And that is my primary heat source as well.

definitely get in touch!

and Good luck


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I did mention it before, but it seems to be being missed-

1. I am dusting all her crickets with calcium powder.
2. She poops daily.
3. The light I'm using claimed to be both UVA and UVB. Maybe it's not good enough and I should get a better one, I think. It wasn't anywhere near $30-$90, so it must be a cheaper brand.

The temperature and humidity is measured by little gauges in the upper left-hand corner of the tank, away from the basking site. I just move them over by the basking site to get the temp there.

I'm going to run to a pet store today and try to find that Repta-aid stuff and the syringe.

Anyone have any ideas on how I can get her mouth open to get it down her throat? I don't want to hurt her, and I've never done that before.


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there is a good video guide on the net somewhere on the net.... to hand feed.. if I ll find it I will post it.
the reason why we are so concerned about the particular model is because they manufacturers give misleading claims about their products. And, emit very low wavelength of UV B - which is Close to UV C, or even directly UV C. Also, even if they emit UV A and UV B it may be in very inconsistent levels and may not be a viable source of UV B for your dragon.

It is frustrating, and a lot of petitions have been made, and dragons have suffered because of it. Check the link in my sig for more info about new scientific studies and explanations.


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Oh, thanks so much for the head's up! I found that if I open the window, a shaft of direct sunlight goes onto their basking spot. They're both there right now, so I think it will help. I've gotten her to drink the recommended dose of the Reta-Aid, but I had to use a toothpick to get her to open her mouth and take it. The syringe is too big to try to coax into her mouth. She's acting slightly more lively, I think it's helping. That may just be wishful thinking, though.


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I hope she does well for you. Keep us posted.

As for the sunlight thru the window, the UV light won't penetrate the glass. :)
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