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Ahh out of the tank! FREEDOM! Now to just get out of this thing they call a hand! JUMP :blob5: ! I don't see an escape from down here-AHH wait freedom strait ahead!
SMACK :banghead: Ouch, never mind its another tank :shock: ...

Hello my name is Twitch and this is the freedom I though I saw...


Nope never would I have tried to escape *Innocent Look* :wink:



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omg how cute! i love the poor attempts at escape. my beardie likes to jump from his log to his thermometer. and i guess there's no step two because i do remember to shut the screen securely. i just hope i'm home when he's older and tries to cling to the thermometer--that adhesive is not very strong so when he's bigger it's bound to give.


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LOL I absolutely love twitch and his attempts they are extremely funny! but I am worried about him hurting himself when he jumps scares me every time! Our lid snaps into place. we got a great deal on it but we are going to get a critter condo. we already have plans for it, going to put tile around the edges of the tank with carpet in the middle. we buy outdoor carpet from home depot its cheap and easy to clean!
This is the carpet I used just go in the store and they will cut a bunch for you, and its cheap. Twitch absolutely loves it!

http://www.homedepot.com/h_d1/N-5yc1v/R ... ogId=10053
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