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Hello all I am new here. this is reall neat site. 3 years ago I a friend of mine gave a bearded dragon that was a resqued. the problem is that she has a sist on her left side under her front leg. she has bone problems that make walk on the top of her front paws :( but moves like the million dollar woman. there is no pain because she doesnt react to me touching so called sist. it feels like a over sized zit. the size of it is about the size of a bouncy ball. what should I do. We dont have a herp vet around here. Any help would be appreciated:)
Your beardie definitely sounds like it has MBD. Go to this website to learn about it. Then answer the questions at the bottom of this post.
Here's an excerpt:
"Signs of metabolic bone disease include hard knobs in the long bones of the legs, bumps along the vertebral column of the back and tail, and softening or hard swelling of the lower jaw. Regular physical exams are important as these bumps may be felt before they can usually be seen. Visible signs of moderate to severe MBD include jerky movements when walking, repeated tremors, twitches, or spasms in the limbs and muscles of the legs and toes when at rest or after exercise, and shakiness when being held. More advanced cases of MBD include all the above signs plus constipation, anorexia, and fractured bones. Severely deficient Beardies tend to be lethargic and may only be able to drag themselves along the ground.
There are several treatment options available for Beardies suffering from MBD. Moderate to severe cases of MBD require the proper diet, temperatures, and UVB as well as a more powerful calcium supplement than those found in pet stores. Oral administration of calcium glubionate (NeoCalglucon®, 1cc/kg) or injections of calcium lactate (Calphosan, 250 mg/kg) or calcium gluconate (100 mg/kg) are generally prescribed by veterinarians. Studies have shown a faster recovery with calcitonin (Calcimar, Miacalcin, 50 IU/kg in the front leg, repeated once a week for two weeks) when it is administered to Beardies who have a normal serum calcium level. A blood test by your vet will determine your Beardies serum calcium level. The use of calcitonin before normal levels have been established, may cause hypocalcemic tetany and death. In mild cases of MBD, where the signs are felt or just barely visible, can be treated by correcting the diet and environment."

Please answer the questions below so we can learn more about her.
What size tank is she in?
What substrate is on the floor?
What UVB does she have?
How far from the UVB can she get?
What is the temp of her basking spot?
Temp of the cool side?
What do you use for a thermometer? stick-on, temp gun, digital with probe on a wire?
What are you offering her for food? Be specific.
Are you gutloading your feeders?
What kind of calcium & vitamins do you use and how often?
How often & how do you soak her?


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first thank you so much for assisting me!! Again I got her when she was in pretty bad shape. I hope I can answer your questions as close as possible.

What size tank is she in? 50 Gal
What substrate is on the floor? vita sand
What UVB does she have? 60 watt
How far from the UVB can she get? about 3 feet
What is the temp of her basking spot? I dont have theromommeter but its very warm like 80
Temp of the cool side? about 75
What do you use for a thermometer? stick-on, temp gun, digital with probe on a wire? stick on therometer for now. I would like to get somthing better.
What are you offering her for food? Be specific. spring mix green leafs and cricktes and super worms
Are you gutloading your feeders? yep
What kind of calcium & vitamins do you use and how often? I wasnt. the person Ig them from told me that the sand had calcium and didnt need to.
How often & how do you soak her? maybe twice a month.

I dont want anyone thinking we dont take care of our berdies. we love them so much. We so many way different ways to take care of them. like I said she moves great and likes to fall asleep in my arms. It was kind of a surprise when we got them. thanks for your assistance


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Unfortunately it does sound like it may be UVB. Unless your UVB is a reptisun 10.0 you will want to replace it with the reptisun 10.0 ($20 at http://www.petmountain.com). Mercury Vapor bulbs can also work. My guess is that your beardie is beyond the point of calcium powder and will need liquid calcium, let me see if I can get someone to give you a dose and link to get it. A picture would still be hopeful so we can know for sure.


**edit** the reptisun 10.0 needs to be 6-8 inches away for maximum effect


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It's asking me for my google password? The best way to post pics is to upload them to photobucket.com (it's free) then copy the img code. I've asked another member who knows more about MBD to come check out this post, so hopefully she can help you more.


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[/a href="http://s735.photobucket.com/albums/ww356/djbigron/?action=view&current=berdie1.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i735.photobucket.com/albums/ww356/djbigron/berdie1.jpg" border="0" alt="beardie 2"></a>img]



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That is most definitely a tumor & is going to have to be removed. It is rather large, I don't see how in the world she can actually get around comfortably though.
I will agree though, that since you have a UVB at 3 feet away, she is not getting any benefits from it. Which type & brand are you using? How old is it? Though you mentioned it is a 60 watt & there are no UVB lights that are 60 watts so I do not think that you have a UVB light. That would be her basking light then.
You will need to get either a digital probe or a temp gun because the stick on is not accurate. Her basking needs to be around 95-110 or so, otherwise she can't digest very well.
As suggested, a mercury vapor bulb such as the Megaray or the T-rex active UV heat either one would be great to use for her. They should be 12 inches away using the 100 watt bulbs.
Bearded dragons do get tumors, abscesses, & growths but it is not real common. She does need to see a vet though, & soon.



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I am sorry I missed understood you I have 2 lamps one black light UV that is 60 and a basking lamp that is 160volts i think. I will look when I get off from work. I found a Vet nearby that opened recently. I am taking her in this week and I will keep you posted I hope they wont put her down:( what do you guys think? Again Thank you so much.
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