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I have a 5 years old female who has never been a round another beardie before and i have a friend who is getting rid of hers. hers is a male(stumpy) he is only 10 months and there already close in size but stumpy is missing a foot but it doesnt seem to stop him. so when i get him i know they will need to be in different changes and they dont need to see each other until his destress . but i have a few question 1. how long before they can see each other 2. after he gets used to his new surrounds should i put there tanks side by side for awhile 3. how long after i get him should i try to feed him or even bother him 4. when and if they get alone one day would they be able to live in the same tank together i have a 125 gallon tank that is huge any help would be nice


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I wish I could answer your question, but I don't have experience breeding beardies! I might suggest that you re-post your question under the "Breeding" thread. You might get a good answer there. Good luck!


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I don't believe a male & female should ever live togather,The male will dominate & hurt o possibly kill the female not to mention over ekhmm "mate"


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It's probably best for them to not be able to see each other or hear each other or otherwise know anything about the other's existence, even after he "de-stresses". Even just knowing another beardie is just there, across the room, or right above their head, can cause stress in a dragon. I don't advise putting their cages side by side for this reason.
If you want to breed them eventually, then only put them together to mate, and then return to their separate living quarters. Before you do that, do LOTS of research on breeding. It is a very TIME and MONEY consuming project, especially when you have 50 baby beardies to take care of, each of whom eat 100 crix a day, each who need daily individual attention, baths, 50 beardie poops to clean every day, etc. Imagine doing that for 6 weeks until they are old enough to sell!
That's not to mention the special care Mama will need during and after she lays her clutches and the careful care the eggs need while incubating.

You can feed him immediately once you get him. As far as handling him, take cues from him. If he seems outgoing and not too bothered by the move, go ahead and hold him. If he seems skittish, leave him be for a few days to settle in and then start handling him.
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