Tail 'kink'??

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I have an iguana thats 1.5years old..and i just got him about 2months ago

i eventually noticed that he has a kink in his tail, about 2-3inches from the begging of his tail...I hear this is from tail breaks? I was also wondering if there was a way i could fix this?


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if you have a pic that would be great. If you can get a picture from several angles and a full size pic so I can see where it is on the tail.


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It looks like a possible fracture to me. Is it painful? Can you move it or is it rigid? If it is rigid it may be a fracture that occured when he was younger and healed crooked, It also could be signs of Metabolic Bone Disease, which is a calcium deficiancy. Be sure he gets plenty of calcium, and be sure he has a UV light that is no older then 6 months. and also be sure there is no plastic or glass between the bulb and your iggy. If he had a previous fracture, or a calcium deficiancy he needs as much calcium and D3 as you can give him.


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good to know...well he has a uvb 5.0 i think..thats what the pet store recommended for tropical repts....and when hes bored he usually climbs right in front of it. i bought it less that 2months ago.

i usually put calcium drops in his water, and i feed him spring mix with squash (but he doesn't really like it), prickly pear, cucumbers, sometimes cilantro and i was feeding him these little kibble things that the previous owner gave me, only because he really liked them, but i only gave him like a teaspoon a day. and ill try feeding him other things here and there.

and it seems like he can move it just fine, no pain or anything. although I don't know what he'd do if it really did hurt. i tried putting a bit of pressure on it once to see if i could make a splint to fix it and he didn't snap on me or anything. ill get around to takin him to see a vet when i have more cash.


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Carefull if it is a fresh fracture, they don't always heal well. Be prepared for a possible amputation. Our oldest, Ig Monster broke her tail last year, and we ended up having to amputate it (the vet thought it was best) because it did not heal properly. Here are some pics:


Here you can see where the below the break, it started to rot.

After the amputation: (my poor baby)


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I wanted to weigh in on your discussion. Which "5" bulb do you have & how old is it?
I do not think that is strong enough for him to be getting adequate UVB emissions. They require very high amounts of UVB to help them absorb calcium & to synthesize D3 as well.
Try getting either a Reptisun 10 flourescent tube bulb, or a mercury vapor bulb from T-rex active UV heat or the Megaray.
That kink is due to not enough UVB exposure & lack of calcium absorption.

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