Supplementing light to protect eyes from UVB bulb ??

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I have to dim my basking light (GE 50 watt halogen spot) to about 50% to get my temps in range. I'm concerned that this is not bright enough to protect his eyes from the Reptisun 10.0. I'm pretty sure this could be a problem :| If so, I would greatly appreciate any tips or suggestions.

This is for a melamine viv. Doesn't take much to get overheat the basking spot (measured with probe on basking surface).

(Oh. And this is for a baby Rankins, but the same beardie rules should apply here.)

Thanks :)


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Wouldn't getting say a 25watt be the same as dimming a 50watt by 50%? Or is there a different light to heat ratio with smaller wattage bulbs or something?

I was thinking I need all the wattage I can get, but with as little heat as possible. So adding a 2nd bulb of some kind that doesn't generate as much heat maybe? I just don't want to mess up the UVB rays or whatever like that.

I appreciate the response in any case :D
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Buy calcium powder
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