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Try giving him the supers until he will not eat anymore to get feel for how much it would take to tame his hunger. Make a note: see how many he eats in one sitting. Then you can kindda ration out the supers for him to eat throughout the week. The chances are: he is going to eat quite a bit because they are not small lizards.


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NeosMom":15di2tlu said:
Oh! Hornworms! I want hornworms so badly!!!! Can't get them locally. It's totally not worth my effort unless I order them in and make an effort to really keep them. Have actually investigated breeding them and talked to my local pet shop about whether they would buy the extras from me. They said yes.

Hornworms are frustratingly difficult to hatch and grow to feeder size. :silent: :|


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Yes, I've been reading about how difficult hornworms are. Thats why I said it isn't worth my effort unless I'm going to do it in volume. Just making the food is an ordeal.

On the other hand, I'm pretty good with things like this and if I could get a nice self-sustaining setup going and had somewhere to sell my bit of overflow, I'm willing to give it a go! But first I want to see that I actually have Superworms growing in my one bin. I refuse to try the hard stuff until I have visual proof the easier stuff is working.
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