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Stuck shed or something worse?


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My bearded dragon has had what looks like a patch of stuck shed on his tail for a couple of weeks now.
I have been waiting and hoping for him to rub it off but im starting to get worried.
His legs looked similar to this and that turned out to be some stuck shed that he later managed to get off on his own last week, but his tail still looks the same.
I have given him baths every 2-3 days and i also tried to gently brush the shed of when he had his last bath, but it had no effect whatsoever.

Do you guys think it is stuck shed or something more serious?
If it is indeed stuck shed, what can i do to help him get it off?




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It does look like stuck shed. I'd soak him for a good 15 min and make sure that spot is either covered with water or a wet wash cloth so the skin is good and soft.

Take a toothbrush and gently try to lift a edge using a sweeping motion, like brushing hair. Try to work the edges of the bristles under the edge of the skin.

If that doesn't work, you can gently, and I mean gently use a fingernail and see if the skin will lift up. You don't want to force it, not trying to rip it off, just assist.

I would start at the top of tail and work downwards. If its ready to come off, once you get the edge lifted, the rest should come off pretty easily.

If it's not lifting easy, you can soak it a bit longer. If it still won't lift, dry him off good and rub some cooking oil on the dry patch to help keep it soft.

Its not a dangerous spot to have retained shed so if it doesn't come off this time, don't stress. Just make sure it comes off with the next shed.
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