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One of my baby’s past away this morning. She was fine when I pout them to bead and gone when I went to wake them up. Quarter was always the bigger of the two being slightly older and more dominate. I don’t know what happened to her. They did not get in a fight there where no wounds on her at all and she was still young, just over a year old. I removed her and Silver Dolor from the cage and sent my husband out to get new sand and new cage decorations for her since I had to go in to work. I really hope what tock Quarter wont still Silver Dolor from me now. I don’t know what I would do since I have had her sins she was about a week old and her whole body fit on my pinky finger.
If any one has any suggestions on what could have taken her please let me know.


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Sorry to hear that! She was really teenie for a year old! Have you looked at the Beardie care sheets on this website? Maybe you can get ideas on what went wrong, and prevent the same from happening to Silver Dollar.


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I belave that my girls are Lawson's Draagon, they grow at a rapid pace then stoped at there cerent size, there behavor diferfs from biger dragons.


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Maybe you could take a look at the caresheets on other websites for Rankin's/Lawson's dragons. I found one here from a breeder You'll have to do the research to find out what went wrong. We can't really tell you without knowing your setup, husbandry, etc. Again, sorry to hear about the death of your little girl.


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Housing 2 dragons together can cause a lot of problems. This happened to me when I had 2 together. One day the Skyler stopped eating and I had to force feed her for a week and still to this day she suffers from the stress that was with her when she was young. The pet store told me that it was okay to have them together but I know now that it was wrong. If your little one acted at all differently before her passing (loss of appetite, fatigue, not basking) I would think that this was the reason. If not then I hope you can get to the bottom of it and please if you decide to replace her get a separate tank.

If you dont think that one was stressed do you think that perhaps the sand you used caused her to be impacted? Sand can build up inside of their digestive system over time and harm a young beardie and if not treated result in death. What kind of sand do you use? The sand that you get from a reptile store that says its digestible is in fact not and can be very dangerous.

good luck.

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Sorry to hear about your baby passing away. :cry:
That is very sad. We would need to know your tank setup to help you better. Rankins are alot smaller yes. Do you have any pictures you would share?


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Hey Tracie-

Sorry I wasn't very clear with my earlier post. The husbandry for this person's dragons is discussed in the thread I linked to above.



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I am sad to say we lost Sillver dolar yeasterday on our way to the vets yeaster day. WE still have Keepper and he has been pout in compleat isolation and removed from the reptiol room. when i left for work he was doing well, and i hope that is how i will find him when i get home at 11.
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