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My bearded dragon was moved into living room few months ago and just recently discovered tv watching.

Sometimes I wonder if it’s too much for his brain to handle, he’s almost a year but it concerns me.

He also doesn’t always look at me when I talk to him, this is new. I’m curious if watching tv is harmful for his brain and attention span.

Is the ignoring you normal too?
He eventually will look at me but sometimes he’s dazed out.

AHBD Sicko
They are drawn to movement....whatever activity is going on is where they will probably look. As long as he isn't scared or stressed it's fine but if you're concerned with him getting too much " T.V time" like many kids [ lol ] you can cover part of the cage with a light towel or by other means. In the long run it's not a big deal though.

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You can put on some animal shows that would be relaxing or some nature shows to give
some enrichment or entertainment. A lot of them tend to watch TV or a movie if there is a
lot of movement.


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