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Spray on Bed Liner

I just built a sun temple out of Styrofoam for my beardie, and I am wanting to coat it in Bed Liner instead of Mortaring it like I did his climbing walls. As I don't want to lose the angles. Does anyone know if this is safe to do so?? Or if you have a better alternative?



BD.org Sicko
Do you mean the kind of spray on "bed liner" that DIYS car repairers use sometimes ?

I'd avoid it for reptile tank furniture.

It'll outgas and is likely very toxic when constantly licked.


BD.org Sicko
Tile paint ?

I've seen some fake terracotta statues made from plastic ( molded acrylic ) that were painted with a product that was sprayed on and looked like terracotta ( sold at garden centres ) that were much cheaper than a proper terracotta statue .

You'll have to hunt it down and check it's composition and do a test piece first ( might make the Styrofoam "melt" if it's got the wrong solvents in it ).


Hatchling Member
Just double check the “spray paint” on something if you go that route. I’ve used it for D&D sculpts, and the little pieces that make it look like granite can definitely be scratched/licked off by a beardie.


BD.org Sicko
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Hi there,

There shouldn't be any reason why you can't just use grout and paint/seal like a normal fake rock project. You can thin the mortar for the first couple coats, and then use a thicker batch to form more details into it with the grout itself.



That is so cool! Is that food on top, or is that a basking area? I would love to build something like that, but looking at it makes me think I would need to have superior artistic skills...
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