Show Pics of your Non Beardie pets! :)

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Greg the Bunny (Netherlands Dwarf Bunny)

Marshmellow (Lop/Lion Head Mix Bunny)

Biscuits and Gravy (Guinea Pigs)

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Look at those fluffy friends, they are super cute ! Beautiful bunnies and I love the name Biscuits + Gravy for your guinea pigs. :lol:


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We used to have a snake but the bearded dragon is our only pet now. We can't have anything fluffy because my husband is allergic to the fluff.

Cute bunnies and guinea pigs though. :) And is that a water skink in the other photos or what? :? Beautiful, whatever it is.

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Do you mean the red guy ? That's my Fireskink , Blaze. Super easy to care for, eat any bug you offer and will also eat a bit of scrambled egg which I microwave without oil.


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Yes, that's the one. At least I wasn't too far off -- just didn't know what kind of skink he was. Very pretty colors.
Ruby is a "lilac" albino corn snake, estimated to be around 10 years old

Greta is a toad ?‍♀️

Rosebud, Bubblegum and Slinky Lil Bud are salamanders

Ferris Mewler, it's always his day off!

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Hi Jen, those are some sweet pics ! Ferris Mewler is a great name and a cute kitty. :) Your phibs are cool too, I know toads are eating machines that are usually east to feed. What do your little sallies eat ? Very small worms ?
The toad will eat anything that moves, s/he gets crickets or superworms. And the salamanders like live prey, but will eat anything that we offer by hand. I started them on thawed bloodworms, but now they will eat 2 or 3 week crickets!

Ruby doesn't like anyone or anything, ever. She's just a grump lol

Ferris is an indoor only cat, by his choice. He finds the other critters boring but enjoys crickets too ?


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Kiwi has two modes.
There’s cute mode:


And there’s Karen mode:



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:lol: I love the contrast between "cute" and "karen"

And I might have mistook the toad for a funny looking beardie if I hadn't been told otherwise. :mrgreen:


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My blue tegu. I was so surprised how friendly he was right from the start


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