saggy skin during shedding normal?

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i have had my bearded dragon for a few months and today i woke up and i saw he was a bit on the saggy side.
he just took a big poopy
he is shedding
i just fed him and he is looking better
could it be that he just needed to eat?
and how long does it take for a full shed to happen cause hes been shedding since yesterday
thank you
specs for tank jus incase needed are
55 gallon
reptisun 10.0 tube
100watt basking
100-110 in basking area (he opens his mouth some times even if its like 101 is that normal?)
and cool side is 80ish
and humidity is around 40-50(how can i lower tht?)


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Hi there !
First of all, do you offer him any baths during the week ? Also bathing during a shed helps out both with hydrating the dragon, and loosening up that old skin, making it waaaaaaaaay easier for shedding. I bath one of my 3 daily, the other two are every other day.

Now on to the humidity levels. Do you by chance mist inside the viv ? If you do, then just discontinue that. Also can you tell us what substrate you are using ? I didn't see that ;)
If it is sand, then remove and use paper towels, or even tile the whole 55 in. This should take 4 11 7/8" tiles. Also use textured tiles, this helps keep little nails trimmed nicely, and the tile is so easy to clean up !


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doh im sorry i knew i forgot something
i do bathe him usually three times a week
and during the shedding like yesterday i gave him eto baths on in the morning around 1030-11 and then another around 5ish
i was misting him but now have stopped
and for substrate i use like a rubber foam type shelf liner cleans up real good and quick :D
thank you for the quick reply


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lol I read finger fumblese ;).

Good. All things look just fine and in order. The humidity isn't all that high, though many will say to keep it around 40%, I think the fluxuation will end with that misting.


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lol :p
ok good to hear :D
now what about shedding does it usually take a few days
cause he shed his tail twice already all in one day
and before just his body in one day
now he is shedding his body and legs and face
the legs are pretty much just a little by his armpit
is it normal for shedding to take few days?
thank you


Just wanted to chime in that my dragon had his first shed with me yesterday and he looked really saggy the day before. I got really worried for awhile. I thought he was dehydrated or something, so I gave him a bath and he LOVED it. Now today he is totally back to normal. He shed his entire body in one bath. Hope your baby feels better soon!


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Ours seems to be going through a shed at the moment as well....she shed a bit from the of her tail when we first got her but now it seems to be a head, body, tail thing. She started looking shaggy yesterday but it doesn't look all done yet...she really freakin hates the bathtub so I feel badly doing it too often...we've been doing it about once a week and she alternative goes stiff as a board and tries desperately to get out of the tub. I guess we need to do it more often anyhow till she gets this shed over with. Poor Norbert is not going to be a happy girl today.

Don't feel bad, Alison. Merlin doesn't like baths either but he loves running loose around the bathroom before and after his bath :)


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im glad to hear its a normal thing i cant wait for him to fully shed his colors are brightening up alot and its looks real niice and mom2twins i heard if u put em in a rubbermaid container with a small towel on the bottom of it they like it better cause its not overwhelming big and they are able to walk and have grip im going to try this soon i wanna go to walmart and pick something up
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