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I started a subscription of 25 (3/4") roaches delivered each week for my beardie, who is 18 to 19 months.
The space between his eyes is about an inch, but he seems to do much better with the slightly smaller ones- he struggles a bit with the 1 inch size roaches, especially if they grow a little bit.

I am struggling to get veggies in him, because I got him completely hooked on superworms before + after brumation, because it was all he'd eat.
Because of this, I am not giving him a whole lot of insects, just a few, and he seems to be slightly more interested in the veggie varieties I offer.

I don't want to dust his veggies with vitamins, because I have a hard enough time with them as it is, and I don't think you're supposed to feed adults insects everyday, so I'm aiming for a few times a week, maybe every other day.

I have calcium with d3, calcium without d3, and herptivite multivitamin w/ beta carotene.
How many times a week for each of these? Every other day okay? Should I do separate days for vitamins, or just add them everytime I do either calcium?


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I don't add supplements to the veges since they are rich in nutrients on their own. The supplements are more to make up for lacking nutrients in captive bred bugs (which lack what they would have in the wild, presumably). I would alternate between the calcium and vitamins. If you offer bugs multiple times per week, then maybe once with the vitamins and the others with calcium. If you offer one bug meal per week then I'd just alternate between them. The D3 supplement has to do with the lighting you have. Using a high powered UVB like a T5 or a good MVB you probably don't need to offer the D3. If you're using a T8 then using the calcium with D3 is a good idea.
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