restoring a tank

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before i start i must confess the tank is for a snake not a beardie.anyway the storie is that my bro got a tank 2ft by 15" x 15" for £10 with the complete setup for a snake. so he got a snake, put it in the tank and went back out. he came back an hour later and the snake had gone. so after a reelly good but unsuccesful look, he went and got another snake. this lasted for little more than a week and then that dissapeared he gave the tank to me. iv had it for a while know and havent done anything with it so i decided im going to buy a snake. so i had a look in the tank and it is a prisoners dream! there is about 15 ways they could have got out. so i got some hardboard, cut it to size and nailed it on the back. that takes away 2 small holes im yet to do anything else but i need to get new fine plastic mesh to fit on as that has big holes in, fill a few holes, fit all the electricals, seal around all of the wires and the biggest job is to figure out how to block the gap between the glass. anyone have any ideas? il keep posted aas i go along
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