Rest well, Taro

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I didn't want to make a post here- because i hadn't yet come to terms with the idea that Taro is no longer alive.

In late May this year, my precious 3 1/2 year old beardie girl Taro passed away after a very difficult fight she put up against issues that many beardies would not have had the ability to get through even the first few days of the intense treatment we opted for.

I'm so proud of you still Taro, I know you fought hard because you knew I needed you for as long as you could possibly stay here with me; and im so grateful and sorry at the same time for the struggle you endured.

What ended up changing my mind about posting here was that after I framed a hand-made artwork my vet made of her and placed it next to her ashes, the following night I had a dream that Taro returned to me. She was actively climbing up onto me, then my daughter as well. She was struggling a bit, the wound on her abdomen though from the surgery looked to be almost completely healed. It was while we were moving address in the dream, which i am actually planning to do on August 6th. She was desperate to come with us.

I don't know what this dream means but i do know that I will be taking her with me and giving her a proper place in my new home where we both can see her always.

I miss you so much Taro; yes I have a new beardie now who is very sweet and curious and doing well, but my heart still hurts. I wish that dream i had could have been a little longer where I could spend some more time with you. It felt so real, i was making plans to set up my alternate enclosure until i could buy you a bigger one so that i could look after both you and Charlie. I was also thinking to call the cremation service and ask whos ashes i had in my house but the majority of me was so happy to see you again that i didn't even care that i was possibly 'scammed' :lol: .. I was just so happy that you came back to me.

I woke up feeling good too, but over the course of the day as your presence faded from me i became sad again. I miss you so much !

Please rest well and be assured i will be taking your remains and the framed artwork and putting them in a clearly visible spot in my new house. I've also made sure to double back up all of my photos of you so that i can always be sure they are safe. :) Until we meet again one day, Taro- please rest well and be at peace. You are dearly loved.


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