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That's great, the Reptisun 10 T5 tube is a great bulb so I am sure it will help her out immensely.
I bet she loved the silkworm! They are well liked & very nutritious. It looks like she is going to be just fine. :D Keep us posted on her progress.



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Helol, I just had a question regarding our rescue.

She's been doing good so far buy last night she woke up and was frantically trying to get out of her tank. She also had a black beard and half her tail has darkened like when their going to shed.

Nothing has changed we have kept her temps between 77-82 at night with a ceramic heat emitter along with a dehumidifier in the room to help with her respitory infection.

She is awake now but she still has a black beard that seems to intensify and then ease up slightly every once in a while. Her tail is also still half dark.

I know she could just be shedding her tail but considering her age (3 years) and her condition it has me worried.

I have made an appointment with her vet tomorrow, there were no openings left today, but her vet is also supposed to call me at some point today so I can let her know what's happening to see if she agrees I should bring her in. Regardless she has an appointment ready tomorrow.

What I am looking for right now is any input from anyone with expirence as to what this could be. Do you think it's just shed or is it more likely something more serious bothering her?


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Here are some pictures of her tail I just took. It doesn't look like shed to me, it looks like colour change like when they darken their beards. Cause with my other dragon when his tail sheds it's more of a solid line of where the shed begins where as this looks like it fades into the dark colour almost.

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Any thoughts an knowledge will be helpful. Thank u
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