Reptiworms-Have your large orders lasted?

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Having heard about reptiworms, I tried them with our Yoshi..i ordered around 300 at first not sure if he would like them. Well, I fed him 30 in the morning..lets just say they were gone in 60 seconds. I got the small ones but they seem too small. Thinking of trying mediums for him next..hes over 6 inches btw.

So if u keep them in a fridge, would that help them last longer if u plan keeping a stock of them?


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Cinder9":gw5v5ld8 said:
I would go with medium, small is way too small. How big is your beardie, cuz that will help determine it better than age.
He maybe you should try : RM9 or RM8 I get reptiles mag and they have coupon codes in there.


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My girl use to eat them left and right. I stopped feeding her them because out of no where she stopped digesting them. They would be whole in here poop. When i did have them I would keep them in our small Wine cooler. My wife hated it but hey it works. lol. :D


Definitely use a wine fridge, regular fridge is too cold and will kill them. Undigested food in the poop means lizard isn't getting enough warmth when basking, or isn't baksing long enough after eating. We can always tell when cheeto eats too close to bedtime/lights out.
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