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I recently lost a beardie to a tragic cat accident. My cat, who loves sleeping on top of the cage despite every possible attempt to keep him off, fell through the screen of my habitat and pulled my beardie out. Moving forward I am trying to replace the top of my enclosure as well as find a way to manage the cat situation. Therefore I am asking for help from the wiser folks out there in keeping my new dragon safer.

First of all, has any one found replacement tops for Exo-Terra large, low enclosures? I found one place on line but they have been out of stock for quite some time.

Second, if I can not find a new top I will have to repair the one that I currently have. Here is where the cat comes in to consideration. Does anyone know if it would be ok to replace two out of the four screen panels with glass instead of screen? I have read about people replacing the screen with glass for frogs and having it stand up to cats then. However my concern is would there still be enough air flow with the side vents and only half of the top being screen?

If airflow is a problem, my other idea is to replace the screen like normal but then to also purchase a metal grate to place over the top of the cage in addition to the screen. That way the grate can support the weight of the cat and the screen will remain intact.

Does anyone have any other solutions for dealing with a cat? We have tried spraying him with a water bottle, removing him, etc... and nothing stops the guy. I have considered moving the beardie in to a room that has a door (right now he is in the living room) but I like that he gets lots of interaction and I am worried that in an empty room he will get very little time.

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Use a metal mesh lid or put a metal grating over the top.

Those window screen mesh lids are easily popped out.

If you're using a 40 breeder sized tank (36x18) you can find metal mesh
lids at PetCo and such. I think Zoomed makes them.

On my snake cages (all are 40 breeders), I have the sliding mesh top and then
cover that over with the external metal mesh lid. The metal one easily supports
my cat when he gets too curious and jumps up there.

On my dragon cages, which are 75 gallon tanks (48x18), I had the metal mesh
lid custom built by the aquarium place I bought the cages from at the same time
as I bought the tanks.
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