Reduced feeder interest wanting more veggies?

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Mojo's eating habits have changed over the past week, she has gone from eating 10-20 feeders a day to 3-6 and from eating a small salad to demanding 2 each day. She cleared a dish of zucchini and a shredded pile of mixed greens and kale that covered my palm about an inch deep. Her poops now occur every 2 days instead of daily. I just want to check if that is normal? She's 16 inches now and over 200 grams, I'd have to reweigh her. She's due to have her reptisun changed soon, could that cause the changes? She's also sleeping a little more.


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Carnivorouszoo":hnlw18es said:
She's due to have her reptisun changed soon, could that cause the changes? She's also sleeping a little more.

I would guess this is probably the issue, although, I would think she would just cut back on eating and not switch from bugs to salad.


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Now she's only eating a bite or two of greens and occasionally one or two supers. She sleeps under her driftwood or sits there looking like someone trying to stay up for days on end. She came out fr an hour right after I put in the new uvb and basked but then went back to sleep.


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Maybe she's just reaching that age where she will prefer veg to crix, and maybe feeling early brumation? At that young an age I wouldn't imagine they go into full brumation, but slow down and become more lethargic?
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