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Thats insane, there has to be something else going on. 300 watts of bulbs should be 130 to 140 degrees or something crazy. Are you using a power strip or something that could be restricting the power to the domes? If your mechanicly/electricly inclined you could use a multi-meter to check available power at you outlets.
If my electric bill didn't go up from $85 to $200 this probably would have been my first thought but honestly it is not something I even considered and something definitely worth checking into. I am using one wall outlet for all 5 and 4 of them are on one power strip so you may be onto something here!


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Another thought occurred to me, if the domes are older, unplug them and take the bulbs out, look at the lead, brass, babbot (or what ever the material is) where the bulb makes contact in the fixture. Your looking for corrosion or build up of any kind. Also look inside the fixture at the contact there to see if it is rusty, crusty or corroded. if you see either or, you can use a little semi-course sandpaper or emery cloth to clean it. Make sure it is unplugged though, I don't want to get anyone electrocuted with my advise lol.

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