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Hi everyone!

So as I am reading up again on everything, I have a question to get opinions.

I stopped dusting anything I fed my 2 beardies years ago because no matter what I did they would not eat anything dusted and I tried for months. At first, I would gut load crickets to try to make sure they would hopefully get enough calcium and vitamins. After the issues with crickets, I switched to dubias for awhile, then to a variety of worms.

At some point several years ago I found bearded dragon bites (the small red, cactus flavored ones). I mixed these with their veggies/fruit several times a week. These have a variety of vitamins, calcium, D3, etc in them.

Neither of them ever showed signs of MBD (they are 13, but my girl just passed away last week due to what the vet believes was reproductive tract cancer). Her brother has curious non-painful muscle twitching all over the vet has witnessed and had no real answer for and he has had it for years and it has never slowed him down.

Anyway, I asked the vet about the bearded dragon bites vs powder vitamins/calcium and he said he considers the bites as a form of "supplementation" just like other vitamins/calcium since they contain a variety of the vitamins. Do yall agree? I feel like it is probably true otherwise they would have definitely had MBD by now, but I'm just curious on everyone else's thoughts.



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Never heard it from a vet, but that's pretty much how I treat those kind of things. Mine does eat dusted foods, but he goes nuts for the Hikari Dragon Delite pellets and the Repashy Beardie Buffet, so I give him one of those instead of or in a salad once a week and count it as a vitamin. I've also heard of people using liquid calcium if their beardie won't eat the powder.


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One of mine refuses dusted solution i dunk hornworms under the faucet then carefully set them in the powder so as to only get it on one side. Outta sight outta mind,she doesn't see the powder and by the time she realizes its there she's already eating the bug. Problem solved lol


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I just thought about it mines wouldn’t eat bugs with the regular calcium powder on them. I had to get the strawberry banana one and didn’t have no problems after I switched. I also have the vitamin and calcium spray. Have you tried either of those? In case your never seen them I’ll attach a photo.


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