Princess Waffles

Waffles has become the princess of the household. We got her last year at the end of September as just a little thing that would fit in the palm of my hand.
I have made adjustments for her cage as the seasons have gone by. We live in Maine, so it’s cold in the winter and mildly warm in the summer.
Recently I went crazy (as parents do) and bought her a carrier, outdoor playhouse/playpen (it’s fully enclosed) and leash.
We started by putting her in the carrier (our house is not beardie proof), and took the playpen outside. I put the carrier in the playpen, then pulled up the zipper on the playpen so my hand just fit and opened the carrier! She just sat there. Giving me the side eye. The letdown, the horror, the sadness. I sat with her for a minute, cooing and praising. Then she decided she would get out.….and boy did she run around the playpen. Then she went and climbed up the back of the carrier. This means, I’m HOT, In please. So I picked up the playpen and carrier all and brought her inside. We did this for a week.
I have a cat, she is a hunter. When we first got waffles I was scared to let her near the cat, Sophie. Now here was Waffles, in her playpen and in comes Sophie. Sophie sniffs and backs away! Woot! Does this mean that Waffles is safe now? Why yes, yes she is.
Thus begins the tale of Princess Waffles. (Although I’m not sure if she is a princess or a prince)


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Be careful with the cat. It can be fine now but attack 5 minutes later. Cats ARE hunter and quick movement is a HUGE trigger to pounce. We have seen some devastating injuries here from cats and dogs both.

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