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So Tifa laid a clutch of infertile eggs 4-5 weeks ago. She bounced back pretty quickly after. Got right back up to weight and resumed her regular behavior.

Today she came out to do her poops, as she does, and there was an egg in there! A big well-formed one too. I watched her do it. First came the urate- then egg- then poop. The urate and poop looked totally normal. When she was doing it she didn’t act like she was squeezing out an egg, usually that requires a lot of wiggling. Not sure she even knew it was in there. She definitely wasn’t acting egg-bound or anything.

I can’t feel any more in her and she is usually good about showing when she’s getting ready to lay- head bobbing, digging, etc. She’s a good communicator. None of that behavior since last month.

When she laid last year she did it twice, about one month apart. So I wouldn’t be surprised if she did have to again, she’s just not acting like it.

Any thoughts on this? Do they sometimes have a lone straggler egg that just sits there for 4 weeks and it just passes eventually? Should I just set her dig box up again and see if anything comes of it?

Thanks folks!
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I agree with AHBD, it would definitely be a good idea to get her laybox ready just in case!
This is fairly common so no worries since she doesn't seem to be having any trouble!


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